Fair Use Policy

Since 2009 Writing Hub is delivering assistance to students especially to serve them in scoring most from their academic studies. With the help of our academic work which is a mighty tool which when used correctly, students are able to improve their coursework grade as well as their examination results.

It is very clearly mentioned in our fair use policy how the work provided by us should be utilised and also guidance is furnished by which students can use it successfully in their custom academic work.

The principles of answer services of Writing Hub

Keep away from the lure of plagiarism: Writing Hub is zealous about education and our intention is to serve the students in getting most from their university education. We never allow plagiarism in the work we provide to students as it is an injustice to our service because it will be blocking the students to acquire required knowledge sufficient for module examinations.

Our model answer service is designed in such a way that the work we provide can be utilised by the student for their future research and on which the student can build the knowledge required for their original work.


Comprehend fair use policy when we send an order to the student

  • Try to scrutinise the model answer which will help the student to apprehend about the way a question can be answered.
  • Student can make use of the material that the writer has found with which the student can search more.
  • Students can develop their own ideas and arguments.
  • The essay that is produced by the researcher of Writing Hub will serve as a guide for students in order to create their work.
  • The student should confirm that the final work is 100% original and is created with their own creative thoughts.

The full-fledged effort is needed from the student through which the student will learn the topic and can prepare for the examinations.

No Issues

Writing Hub’s work is never uploaded to the web and is 100% original and is created based on student specification. Specifically, if the Writing Hub’s custom work is handed to a university they will never know about the service of Writing Hub that is used by the student. But sometimes the student is not able to give an answer for tutor’s question which will create a difficulty because of lack of research of the student. The tutor will also identify that the writing style used by the student is different or the source used by the student is not the usual ones.

However handing over the work of the researcher of Writing Hub to a tutor is a kind of plagiarism and changing a small portion is another case as per the definition of Plagiarism. If the student is using our fair use policy as per the guidelines then the custom research will provide more benefit to the student. So the merits for the students are that they can improve their grade, acquire knowledge about how to write a great essay and also work satisfaction are obtained.

Need of model answer

A wide range of research material needs to be dealt with the students which consume a great deal of time and the research material used by the student may or may not be having the relevant information required for their studies. Sometimes the style in which the student presented is not matching with the style that they need in their assignments. Above all among the tutors, only few will give guidance on the writing process to students by providing specimens of answers designed in the way an essay should be tackled.

So here comes the need and necessity of Writing Hub through which the student will be capable of answering questions. It is obvious that learning is possible through examples and we Writing Hub have acquired our knowledge in the same way from the day we started our service. The custom model provided by Writing Hub is capable of serving student and will be the best tool in the research work of students. The use of the custom model is not only in answering questions but also the student will be provided with a starting point for performing their own research and to compile their own work.

Further questions related to fair use policy as well as terms and conditions of Writing Hub is answered by communicating with an associate of Writing Hub’s Customer Experience squad.

Take a look at the reviews of our delighted customers. At Writing Hub, we achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and retention rate. 81% of our clients are returning customers. Our dedication to providing excellent quality service is what makes our customers use our service over and over again.

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