Cookies Policy

Cookies has been used in WritingHub’s website.

A file send to the web browser by the web server and is stored by the browser containing an identifier (a string of numbers and letters) is termed as the cookie. This identifier will be sent back to the server every time when the user requests the same page from the server during each browse.

Cookies on the websites are of two types: “session” cookies and/or “persistent” cookies. While persistent cookies are those details stored by the web browser till the expiry date persists, session cookies are those files that will be removed soon after the session end. Thus persistent cookies will remain valid until the expiry date and is removed only if it is deliberately deleted by the user, however the latter is removed once the web browser closes.

Cookies are not any personal information that recognizes the end users; however the personal details that WritingHub stores will be linked to the stored information and with the files associated with cookies.

 WritingHub uses bothpersistent and sessioncookies in our website.

 The name of cookies used in WritingHub’s website and the purpose of each cookies are listed below:

 A cookie name has been used on our website for [identifying the computer when a website is visited by the user/ enhance the usability attributes of a website/ personalize the websites for each end users/ permits the use of shopping cart on the website/ tracks users throughout their website navigation/ focuses ad’s that may be attractive to specific end users/ reduces and prevents frauds and deceptions/ improves website security/ ascertain the website usage/ website administration [explain purpose (s)]];

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