What Must Be Exemplified In A Good-quality Literature Review

30th May 2017

What must be exemplified in a good-quality literature review?

Literature review represents your learning skills in an investigation. Providing a theoretical foundation, an efficient literature study enhances your analytical and assessment skills required for aresearch work. Comparing, contrasting and critically appraising numerous literature works, you must be able to define the significance and necessity of your working title in current context and its association with theoretical perspectives. Some of the key points to be considered during the development of good-quality literature review are discussed below:

 Most of the students misinterpret this section as a portion to simply explain the theories and models associated with the work. However in a good literature review this is not exact format of presentation and must have clear and well-structured flow of ideas with adequate theoretical support.
 With the help of theoretical models and paradigms, you must clearly outline the variables involved in your investigation and the association between them. A clear description on the relation of your investigation with prior works and identification of gaps in previous literatures adds worth to your dissertation. Both positive and negative appraisal on literature studies helps you identify the necessity of your work and thus indicates its importance.
 Including inferences from prior literatures helps you to interpret the relation of your work with prior studies. Determination of conflicts and dilemmas in these works, helps to clearly define the issues associated with your investigation topic. Thus using a detailed critical evaluation of published works you must be able to explain your research problem in a historical and theoretical perspective. 
 A clear and distinct conceptual framework developed on the basis of literature studies adds value to your dissertation.
 Therefore a good-quality literature review must clearly represent what you aim to investigate in your work, identifying the controversies and judgments associated with your research area. Proper citations and referencing styles must also be strictly followed throughout your dissertation work.
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