Vital Tips For PowerPoint Presentation

30th May 2017

Integrating technology into classrooms’- is what PowerPoint presentation is all about. As tablets and laptops replace textbooks, today’s innovative education systems have been facilitating platforms for students to learn knowledge along with acquainting and mastering over technological advancements. PowerPoint is one among such improvements, which not only let users incorporate text, graphics, audio, video or even animation into lectures but also helps to draw the attention of a large audience, instantly. In other words, by using PowerPoint, you are not merely lecturing, you are making your audience experience what you say.

However, if you fail to manage your presentation correctly, the outcome would be worse than you have ever imagined. Arousing audience interest, engaging them to retain key points, assisting them to learn topics…, a huge task always assumes on the presenter. PowerPoint presentation would not be an uphill task anymore if you follow the tips below:

  • Keep it SHORT AND SIMPLE. Always remember, most of the audience is not going to read all slides if they contain the abundance of texts. Instead, you may place one point on each slide. Also, reduce the quantity of text on each slide.
  • Keeping your presentation exciting and ensuring consistency will highlight how useful your effort is. You can even follow a format as start with an introduction, then slide down to main content and conclude by asserting your key points. This will further ensure continuity of presentation.
  • Limit the number of slides. As you flip the slide to the next slide, there is possible to lose the audience.
  • When it comes to DESIGNING SLIDE, you have to be more careful. You must make sure that your slides follow consistency and uniformity. Also, never use all caps, unless it is required. Better pick colours that suit the ambience. You can go for a colour contrasting pattern as for dark background, lighter colour fonts. Avoid overusing special effects such as animation and sounds as this may annoy your audience and reduce the legibility of slides.
  • Wisely use space. It is found that area on slides will enhance readability.
  • Use good quality, relevant and timely graphics. Never forget to check that the graphics maintain the impact and resolution when projected on a larger screen.
  • Learn to navigate the presentation. You must learn and practice how to move a slide forward and backwards as the audience may ask to see the previous slide again.
  • If possible, view slides on the screen that will be using for your presentation. Make sure slides are readable from the back row seats. Text and graphical images should be large enough to read. Also, you must check the audio-video quality.

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