How To Write An Article Review Effectively

30th May 2017

The main purpose of assigning article reviews is to acquaint students with the professionals’ work in the related field. An article review is an outline and an assessment of other writer’s article. For an appropriate summation, it is very important to understand the key points and arguments of the article. A good review’s significant aspect is the systematic evaluation of the article’s key theme, supporting arguments and implications for future research. Following points offer some tips for writing a good article review:
  • First and foremost you must have a clear picture as to how your article review will be set up. This is even before you start reading the article you will review. This helps in understanding the way to actually read your article to write your review in an effective manner.
  • An article review must summarize as well as evaluate the concerned article.
  • An article review must only respond to the author’s research and must not present any new research.
  • An article review is beyond merely an opinion. You must have an engagement with the text for creating a response to the expert writer’s ideas.
  • You must summarize the article by focussing on the important themes, information and claims.
  • You must discuss the article’s positive facets and at the same time identify the gaps and contradictions in the text, and look for any unanswered questions in the article.
  • You must be able to make a connection between the article you are reading and your existing knowledge on the topic. You must be able to assess whether the article aligns or contradicts with your existing knowledge on the topic.
  • Following points will help you in engaging with the article:
  • Purpose of the article
  • Article’s assumptions or theoretical framework
  • Whether the central concepts are appropriately defined
  • Appropriateness of the evidence
  • Alignment of the article with the literature and field
  • Whether the article aids in advancing the subject knowledge
  • Clarity of the expert’s writing
The most critical factor to the effective writing of a review is to understand the article. A student must pay careful attention to the meaning of the article and must have a clear and systematic writing structure for the outcome to be a good article review.
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