How To Write A Quality Research Proposal

30th May 2017

A research proposal is a summarization of the complete research process, which is generally intended for giving the reader a generalization of the information in a research project. A weak or vague proposal can direct towards time-consuming and futile writing exercise. On the contrary, a well thought-out and clear proposal outlines a research study’s backbone. There are normally three basic questions that your research proposal must answer: (a) what research project will you carry out?, (b) why is it essential in knowing that thing?, and (c) what steps will you undertake in making that research?

The intention of a research proposal is to convince people that you have got a valuable research project and for completing the project you have the competence and a solid work-plan. It must, thus, include all the basic elements entailed in the research process and contain necessary information for the readers to assess the proposed research. The evidence of a good research proposal is reflected in terms of your devotion, well thought-out subject, and effort in obtaining data, analyzing and organizing your thoughts.

There is as such no specific format when it comes to the development of a research proposal; and the basic reason is due the difference between every research project. Every university has its own specific format and requirements. Nevertheless, there are certain important aspects that must be entailed in every research proposal and these are:

  • Account of a research issue
  • Argument about the importance of that issue
  • Review of relevant literature associated with the research problem
  • Account of the intended research methodology
  • Explanation of how the findings of the research will be disseminated

The main role of a research proposal is in showcasing the issue you intend to examine is important enough to call for investigation, the methods you intend to use are feasible and appropriate, and the results are likely to make contribution to the existing knowledge on the subject. The research proposal is thus your map to the research, the preparations you have to take on, and the list of important prerequisites for the research.        

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