How To Take A Research Topic

29th May 2017

The selection of research topic is an important task. In rare cases, the instructor may allocate you a topic for research, but at times you may have to select a topic on your own.  Please look into the following points while you opt a research topic:

1.  It is very important that you select a topic of your interest & convenience

2.  Do not make the topic too broad, it will help you to focus on the relevant area of study

3.  An effective reading of the topic will help you to understand the pros and cons of the Research topic you take

4.  You can ask your supervisor for further support.

5.  Take a topic which offers multitudes of materials to study and do research on

6.  First, you take a general topic and then think of WH questions to ensure that the topic is significant.

7.  Make sure that the topic is interesting to you and your supervisor so that you end up doing a high-quality work after getting the feedback.

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