How To Structure An Excellent Introductory Section For Dissertation

30th May 2017

Dissertations are the most significant part of Master’s Degree program and hence it provides you with the best platform to showcase your skills and proficiencies in a research project. An introduction is the foremost part of a dissertation, quality and distinction of this section determine the excellence of work. Following tips will assist you to develop an efficient and good-quality introduction for your dissertation.

  • In this introductory chapter, you must exemplify the fundamental reasons for selecting a research topic and the significance of this investigation in a current context. This is not the section to explain the research variables you selected, however, you must be able to elucidate the motive for choosing them.
  •  A clear and distinct research background and rationale must explain your specific focus in this investigation. An introduction to organization background and the most significant facts and figures about the firm selected for investigation is also to be outlined in this section. A brief outline of the method by which you will accomplish this work can also be included in this preface section.
  • Explicit and well-defined aims and objectives add worth to your work. Rather than elongated and extensive statements, short and precise aims and objectives must be developed to clearly represent your research goals.
  • An important mistake that students encounter is in the formation of research questions. Most of the students believe that objectives and research questions must be similar. However, for an excellent dissertation it must not be identical. Research questions must provide a clear path to accomplish the objectives and hence must be formulated in such a way that distinct and efficient literature studies can be attained. Thus formulation of objectives and questions illustrates your efficiency in accomplishing this research work.
  • Explaining the significance of this work in organizational, your academic and personal perspectives and benefits that will be achieved by completing this dissertation will add value to work. A clear-cut description of the structure of entire dissertation must also be included. Most importantly authentic and trustworthy referencing must be an inevitable part of your work.

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