Dissertation Topic – Tips For You

2nd June 2017


As far as a student is concerned, Dissertation is the crowning achievement in his/her graduate/postgraduate education that will influence the direction of his/her career in the years to come. Students are often stuck with the daunting prospect of choosing a good dissertation topic. They can find it quite overwhelming as they lack experience in writing such academic documents.

Here are a few tips that would help you choose a good dissertation topic!!

Select a topic that is relevant to your degree.

Even before beginning to conduct research you are supposed to choose a suitable proposal title. For instance, an MBA student should select a topic related to management and business practices. This will help you to come up with an interesting and apt title.

Select a topic that is interesting, familiar, manageable, current and original.

You should be passionate about the subject you are choosing. In that case, you will find it much easier to write your dissertation within the allotted time and will remain motivated throughout the process of writing. In other words, your dissertation topic should reflect a level of difficulty that is matching your skill set and experience. Also, make sure that your topic is not outdated and is original as the academic world is constantly on the search for new information. Having said all these, your dissertation topic should not be too simple either.

Seek advice from your tutors.

Make sure that you choose your topic in collaboration with your tutor as you need your tutor’s support and guidance throughout the process. If your topic is closer to the area of expertise of your tutor, then you will get more direction on the same.

Decide on your chosen research method.

Once you have selected a dissertation topic, you must decide on the research methodology that you are going to adopt. This will help you make a plan regarding the manner in which you are going to explore the topic. You can either conduct a primary or secondary research on your topic, the latter being an inexpensive method of collecting relevant information.

Primary and secondary research

Primary research is more time-consuming than secondary research and demands more planning. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have enough time to perform the necessary tasks if you are going for primary research. Some of the methods that can be used for collecting primary data are action research, focus groups, questionnaires and one-on-one interviews. Although, primary data is considered to be more accurate than secondary data. Data obtained from secondary sources such as newspaper articles, book reviews, or articles found in scholarly journals that discuss or evaluate someone else's original research can also be used for the research.

In short, if you are more comfortable and well informed regarding your chosen dissertation topic, there is a good chance of you obtaining a high final grade.

Where to search for Potential dissertation topics?

Dissertation topics do not emerge out of the blue and you must proactively search for them. Here are a few pointers

1. Your interests.

2. Professional journals in your field.

3. Dissertations. Review previously written dissertations.

4.  Current theories.

5.  The Internet

6. Your current job setting.

7. References in your field.


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