Different Types Of Research

30th May 2017

A research can be classified mainly into three types: original research, secondary research and pure research. Finding out information and in certain cases, the evidence is the basic objective of each research type. However, the main factor that differentiates the accomplishment of objectives of each research is in the strategies employed.

Original research

Original research is also known as primary research. It is the investigation of information that is either understood as not known by anybody or is unknown. It is not just restricted to carrying out observations, experiments and tests, surveys, and interviews and requires four aspects: (a) having the appropriate tools for carrying out the research, (b) knowing the research already done in the area, (c) having the subject background that is under investigation, and (d) formulating a method for finding out the required information.

Secondary research

The secondary research aims to find out what have been researched and discovered in the past through original research and trying to bring together their outcomes, which can be in a way of conflicting information, viewpoints, opinions and conclusions. This can lead the researcher in finding out new associations between her/his own conclusions and non-related research on the basis of other’s work. Secondary research is helpful in generating insights, viewpoints and fresh ideas reaped through original research gained from numerous areas. Secondary research can also be referred to as applied research as it can be used to solve a problem.

Pure research

Pure research focuses on the examination for finding out information. Pure research is used for just obtaining the information and not for solving the problems. For example, a researcher may be inclined to discovering properties that a material possesses, which is only for the sake of knowledge without any application.




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