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Writing is an art and article is a piece of writing by mastering the art. An article is usually drafted, aimed for publication in journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Since articles are written for a vast audience, it is important to appeal and hold readers’ attention towards the subject, which is being discussed in the article. Furthermore, varying from formal to informal, an article should also include the outlooks and viewpoints of the writer without missing facts. Mastering article writing would not be difficult anymore as here are some useful tips for writing an article, effectively.

  • Follow a format:

Title: When writing an article, give a proper, appealing and short title. The title should imply the idea discussed in the article and it should also have a logical connection with the body of the article.

Introduction: Draft an introduction in such a way that it can persuade the readers to read the complete article. Since introduction is the ‘door’ to the write-up, the areas covered in the body need to be clearly mentioned in the introduction.

Body: The body of the article is the core of the whole write-up. An article’s body can be in five to six paragraphs, depending on the relevance of the topic. It is in this part, where the topic is further detailed and discussed.

Conclusion:The conclusion of an article is as important as the other parts. A conclusion summarizes the whole topic in two or three lines or the final viewpoint or recommendations of the writer are often given as the conclusion of the article.

  • Keep a checklist

While drafting an article, try to find answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the article? Is it to inform, advice, evaluate, suggest, compare and contrast, detail etc.?
  2. Who is the audience i.e. the intended readers? Do they belong to a particular group or general readers?
  3. Where is it going to publish? Is the medium of publishing a newspaper or magazine or journal etc.?

If you are planning to write an article, following are some general guidelines for drafting an effective article:

  • Choose your topic
  • Before writing an article, selecting a topic within your limit would be a clever choice. Choosing a topic that suits and reflects your interest could bring about a good piece of writing. Moreover, you can narrow down a broad area into a manageable topic, which would not only help you in detailing all the specific points regarding the topic, also make your write-up, an exciting one.
    Following the topic selection, draft a rough copy by encompassing all the points you can imagine of. Keep calm, avoid getting prejudiced and enjoy the act of sharing what you better know. Once you are done with drafting the rough copy, ensure if you missed anything and if not, start writing your fine copy.
  • Focus on your readers’ requirements.
  • When you commence your writing process, take the stance of your readers and write accordingly. Knowing the knowledge and priority levels of the audience will prompt you to write a better piece of article that could further turn out as a favourite among the audience. Shape your language by comprehending the supposed needs of your readers. Remember to give answers to all those questions that the readers want you to address.
  • Do your research
  • Nobody is fully competent to cover a topic authentically or to address the needs of the audience in large. Conducting a research prior to the writing would assist you to come up with a fine copy. An exploratory research would aid you in effectively accessing famous quotes, anecdotes, statistical database, definitions, helpful resources, reference materials etc. After gathering all the related information, you can properly organize the data as per the nature and theme which further would help you in having an immediate access whenever require. Also, do not forget to keep the data concerning sources as you may be asked for the credibility of the data in future. Additionally, carefully analyse all the data up to which you think you are ready to commence you writing.
  • Draft your fine copy
  • By understanding the needs of your audience, write your fine copy by triumphing over all the flaws you committed in the rough copy. Remember, this is your final copy which the audience would get to read. Go through the checklist and directly address your audience. Double-check to ensure that you have not missed any important points. Give a logical order to you article’s body paragraphs. Bear in mind to not deviate from your topic and if necessary, you can read your favourite publisher’s sample articles to adopt the latest format.
  • Get someone for proofreading
  • While drafting, keep in mind to eliminate all the errors- grammatical, syntax and technical. In addition, avoid the use of complex sentences and technical jargons. Also, throw out useless words and unreliable concepts. It is better if you get someone to proofread your final copy or else read yourself aloud, find and rewrite the misinterpreting words. Finally, you need to make sure whether your work is neatly arranged to get published on a medium.

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